Welcome to the LIV-ES project website - Development of culture conditions for the differentiation of hES cells into hepatocytes.

Liver transplantation is currently the only available, effective treatment for people with life-threatening metabolic disorders and acute liver failure. However, shortage of organ donors and long-term complications such as hypertension, diabetes or obesity represent major restrictions to widespread application of liver transplantation. There is therefore a clear need for viable alternatives such as cell-based therapies. LIV-ES’ goal is to develop innovative conditions and standardized protocols to provide a renewable source of human hepatocytes (liver cells) for the treatment of liver diseases.

LIV-ES is funded by the European Commission within its FP7 specific programme Cooperation; contract number HEALTH-F5-2008-223317. Official starting date is 1. October 2008



International Symposium

Embryonic Stem Cells:
New tools for Treating Human Liver Disease

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Ecole de Val de Grâce
Paris, France
12 - 13 March 2012